Maintenance & Support

You can report general maintenance by calling your local area office 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. You do not need to speak to a specific person as anyone can deal with your issue for you.

Dundee: 01382 721133

Edinburgh: 0131 202 5434 

You can also request property maintenance by filling in your contact information and some detail of your request using the form below:

This guide is to assist you in an emergency outside of Direct Lettings working hours.


Gas leak

If you smell gas, you should contact Transco immediately on 0800 111 999. Information on what you should do if you smell gas is also available on Scotia Gas Networks: Report this issue to us on the next working day.


Total loss of heating/Hot Water

In the event of a total loss of heating you should contact Direct Lettings at the first available opportunity. If you have no hot water supply, please report this on the next working day.


Burst pipes

If your property is leaking into another property, you must try to turn off your water supply (in tenement flats, the water stopcock can often be located in the main stairwell).


Total loss of power

If your property has a total loss of electricity supply you should check all fuses/circuit breakers to make sure they are operational and check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing the same problem (please note, stair lighting may be on an emergency circuit). Please note that blown fuses / bulbs etc are the tenants responsibility.

water leak

Water leaking into your property

In the event of a serious leak from an adjoining property, you must make every attempt to contact the householder, ensuring that they attend to the leak promptly and, if necessary, turn off the water supply. If the property is vacant, or the householder is refusing to take action, please contact your local Council.


Home care agreements

You should be aware whether there is a homecare agreement in place which covers the property. The level of cover will vary depending on the cover your landlord has taken out. If there is a homecare agreement in place then you should contact the provider of the homecare agreement in the first instance


Anti-Social Behaviour

If you are experiencing problems of this nature, then please contact the anti social behaviour team on the non emergency police number 101.


Cooking facilities

If a cooker is supplied as part of your tenancy and you have no means of cooking food (I.E you do not have a microwave and neither the hob or oven are working) you should contact Direct Lettings at the first available opportunity.


Locked out

If you lose your keys whilst our office is closed, you should call a locksmith at your own expense. If any of the locks are changed, you should provide Direct Lettings with a spare key for the new lock.

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